Cash Declaration Limit Changed

The Maldives Monetary Authority, on 17 January 2019, published the first amendment to the Regulation on Cross Border Currency Declaration Amount. The changes introduced now require passengers travelling with USD 20,000 or more, and are travelling…

CTL Strategies ranked in the Chambers Global Guide 2024

CTL Strategies has been ranked in the Chambers Global Guide 2024, published by Chambers and Partners. This marks the firm’s fourth consecutive year of recognition in Chambers Global Guide within the General Business Law category.

Year in Review 2023

Year in Review 2023" is aimed at providing summaries of the key developments throughout the year in the area of civil law. Both legislative changes and some key judgments of the courts have been summarised in this regard.

Maldives Passions Pvt Ltd v MIRA [2023] SC 39

On 12 October 2023, the Supreme Court delivered its judgment in Maldives Passions Pvt Ltd v MIRA - a significant case concerning the parameters of the powers of the Tax Appeal Tribunal's (“TAT”) to decide cases and order for re-audits.

Policy on Recovery of Tax from Third Parties

The Policy on Recovery of Tax from Third Parties outlines the procedures through which MIRA can recover unpaid taxes, fines or other outstanding payments from third-parties as specified in Section 47 of the Tax Administration Act.

Tax Exemptions in the Maldives

The guide briefly looks at tax and import duty exemptions currently in place in the Maldives. It outlines the regulatory requirements for such exemptions, including application processes, prerequisites, compliance requirements, and circumstances for exemption termination.

Overview of the Maldives-UAE DTA

This overview provides a brief analysis of the Maldives-UAE DTA. The key provisions of the DTA will be looked at, including the implications it has on enterprises attempting to make use of the treaty.