Tourism & Hospitality

We assist international hotel chains and developers at all stages of development and operations: from securing the best islands for their tourism investment, prepare documentation for approval for developments, obtaining licenses and permits to tax structuring. Our clients also turn to us for assistance and counsel on the formation and structuring of various foreign investment vehicles.

Our particular in aspects of tourism and real estate includes:

  • Facilitation of tourist resort and hotel sales and acquisitions
  • Lease, operation or management of tourist resorts and hotels
  • Foreign investments registrations and establishment of Maldives operations
  • Reviewing of lease agreements
  • Reviewing and drafting of island head lease and sublease agreements
  • Employment issues in the hospitality industry
  • Conduct legal due diligence for potential investors in acquisitions or transfer of rights
  • Reviewing of financial feasibility of intended acquisition
  • Tax planning inherent in the ownership, transfer rights and property