Tax Advisory

Tax rules are constantly changing and almost every major financial decision a business takes has a tax consequence and therefore reliable and accurate tax advice is vital. Our tax advisors closely monitors changing tax policies and rules, keeping our clients well informed on developments that can impact their business.

Our tax advisors were extensively involved in the implementation of both Goods and Services Tax and Business Profit Tax in the Maldives and therefore have knowledge and experience to offer clarification and advice to clients expanding their business, embarking on to new industries or ventures or in a situation where the tax treatment of a particular transaction is unclear.

We advise clients in relation to the taxation implications of all commercial transactions including structuring issues, financing, acquisitions, and international and cross-border transactions. In addition, we offer a comprehensive range of tax advisory services for both local businesses, inbound and outbound investments.

These include:

  • Advice on tax implications of commercial transactions.
  • Conduct tax due diligence and determine past and future tax liabilities of target business in cases of acquisitions and mergers.
  • Review and comment on legal documentations of purchases, acquisitions, transfer of rights, etc.
  • Advice on tax assessments issued by the MIRA.
  • Assist clients with tax audits and investigations and in responding to queries raised by MIRA.
  • Advice on the best way to document a transaction that may prove contentious.