Cash Declaration Limit Changed

The Maldives Monetary Authority, on 17 January 2019, published the first amendment to the Regulation on Cross Border Currency Declaration Amount. The changes introduced now require passengers travelling with USD 20,000 or more, and are travelling…

General Employment Regulation

This Advisory summarises the imperative aspects of the General Employment Regulation gazetted by the Ministry of Economic Development on 9 May 2021.

Elections Commission v Mohamed Zahir

A case considering whether a breach of a regulation formulated by a state institution affects the validity of a contract with a third party. The Court also provided guidance regarding the presumption of bad faith of a contractual party.

MIRA v Maldives Quality Seafood Pvt Ltd

A case whereby the Supreme Court affirmed the High Court’s application of the rules on stay of enforcement orders laid down in the stay of enforcement order and overturned the Supreme Court’s Writ of Prohibition Number 2011/SC-SJ/04.

Insight: Barefoot Noomadi Hotels v MIRA

In the case of Barefoot Noomadi Hotel v MIRA, the TAT's decision is that commission payments made to Online Travel Agencies (“OTAs”) operating under the Merchant Model are not subject to Withholding Tax (“WHT”) under Section 6 of the BPT Act.