Cash Declaration Limit Changed

The Maldives Monetary Authority, on 17 January 2019, published the first amendment to the Regulation on Cross Border Currency Declaration Amount. The changes introduced now require passengers travelling with USD 20,000 or more, and are travelling…

Year in Review 2020

Our "Year in Review 2020" provides brief summaries of the key legal and tax developments through the year 2020, as the Maldives navigated its way through the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the issues have also been addressed to in blog posts by our lawyers and tax advisors, and in a variety of our publications.

Twenty Eight Amendment to GST Regulation

Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (‘MIRA’) on 15 December 2020, published the Twenty Eight Amendment to the Goods and Services Tax Regulation.

High Court Judgement: Jumeirah Management Services (Maldives) v SPH

A case concerning the courts’ powers in granting interim injunction order in court actions related to arbitral proceedings, in which the High Court of the Maldives held that the Court has the same powers as the arbitral tribunal to render interim orders in such cases related to arbitral proceedings

Shipping Agency Regulation

On 26 November 2020, the Shipping Agency Regulation was published. The Regulation contains the standards and procedures to be followed by shipping agencies providing services to cargo vessels arriving to a Maldivian port.

Overview of Green Tax

This publication gives an overview of how Green Tax is imposed under the Maldives Tourism Act.