CTL Strategies Conducts Seminar on Recent Developments in BPT and WHT

A seminar on “Recent Developments in BPT and WHT” was conducted by CTL Strategies on Saturday, 13 April 2019.

The seminar held at hotel Jen was attended by senior executives and accounting executives from tourist establishments, and major and medium enterprises operating in Maldives.

The full day seminar covered a number of topics regarding BPT and WHT, and particularly focused on recent audit determinations made by the MIRA, recent tax rulings and changes in the BPT and WHT regime, and their impact on enterprises. The seminar also covered, procedural requirements and other points to be aware of, when disputing a decision of the MIRA.

CTL Strategies, as with past years, will be conducting webinars and additional seminars this year regarding concepts and changes to the GST regime, and possible changes to the taxation regime from the introduction of Personal Income Tax